Strength Tuesday: 8/16/11

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I tackle the Strength Training Workout posted by Coach Wes every Tuesday at CrossFit Austin.

So… today was my first workout in more than a week. Almost two weeks, if I’m totally honest. Yes, I went hiking in the Hollywood hills and yes, I rode a bike along the beach in Santa Monica. But those were leisurely jaunts. I worked up a sweat, but there was plenty of stopping to admire the view and there was definitely not a 3-2-1-GO! to start the action, nor a clock doggin’ me to move faster. It was pure play time, which as we know (thanks, Mark Sisson!) is essential. But it was not Workout or Training.

I’d like to say I was eager to get back to it this morning, but nope. I was kinda sad to kiss my days of leisure (and the pillow) goodbye. Sometimes the grind up “bed by 10, up by 6, food in containers” is a bit much, and when I don’t workout, I can move a little slower in the morning. The corporate overlords’ schedule doesn’t really mesh with my personal rhythm, but some day in the not-too-distant future (where “not-too-distant future” is, like, a 3-year plan), I will be free of that particular burden.

But this morning, it was up and at ’em. And strength work was a good way to ease back into my training schedule – because now I’m training for Prague! I have exactly 49 days until we head off to the CZ again for three weeks of relaxation among the statues and cobblestones. And in the next seven weeks, my mission is to get to feeling my absolute best so I can wholeheartedly enjoy our vacation. In between now and then, all I have to do is finish writing the cookbook, complete all the photography, start the marketing, build the companion website, eat clean, keep my dayjob, roadtrip to see Kid Rock, go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival to see Social D and Cee Lo Green, continue to rehab my shoulder, do WODs, lift heavy things, run our book club, celebrate Dave’s half-birthday, and pack my suitcase.

How hard could that be?!

Strength WOD #1
3 rounds:
5 DB press, 30# DBs
7 front rack backward lunges, 45# bar

Strength WOD #2
5 rounds:
3 negative chin-ups, lower for 5 seconds
5 back extensions

Strength WOD #3
3 rounds:
7 barbell rollout
10 DB external rotation, 8# DB

The one positive about my current shoulder “situation” (ahem) is that overhead pressing feels just fine, thank you very much, so I thoroughly enjoyed those heavy DB presses. My right leg/hip is still (a) tighter and (b) weaker than my left (thank you, Roller Derby for giving me a monster left quad). So on the lunges, left foot forward = solid as a rock. Right foot forward = upside-down bobblehead, Wobbly McWobbleson, Shakes the Clown.

I prefer not to discuss WOD #2. It just makes me frustrated.

I started feeling the barbell rollouts in WOD #3 almost immediately. I suspect that both sneezing and laughing will be extremely uncomfortable tomorrow. And with that, it’s welcome back to Training World. WOOT!


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  • I am so envious of your upcoming trip to Prague!! Hope that in the interrim you accomplish all you mean to accomplish, and that once you’re in Prague, you revel in every second. 😀 Looking forward to the pics/descriptions post on your return.

    • Mel says:

      You are so sweet… thank you! I can’t believe our trip is so soon, and I’m thrilled to be returning to Prague. It’s going to chilly and the cookbook will be finished — yay!

  • Anna Stevens says:

    I am SOOO happy to hear that you also feel a bit overwhelmed about getting up by 6am, food in containers and back to bed by 10pm. (I don’t mean I’m glad you get overwhelmed though!) I was sort of feeling like I was going crazy because I think about making sure I make it to CrossFit every morning and my food is made. I am a teacher and school starts soon, this new way of life is going to be interesting…

    • Mel says:

      My inner 8-year-old sometimes gets really, REALLY sick of going to bed on time and making food for the day EVERY freaking morning. But the grown-up me knows that the repercussions of not making my food and not training suck more than actually doing it.

      My compromise is that I allow myself to whine while I’m doing it on those “off” days when it’s an annoyance. I slam pot lids and stomp my feet and pout and just give myself over to being a brat. Same result: the food gets made and I get my ass off to work.

  • Faith says:

    I just made your Rogan Josh, and it was great. Even my parents, who aren’t very adventurous enjoyed it.

    Penzey’s just opened in my area and I’ve been there twice in one week. And I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before reading your blog.

    • Mel says:

      Penzeys is like a magic shop. I LOVE their blends and individual spices so much. They’re opening a store in Austin soon, and I’m stupid excited about that.

      We had rogan josh for dinner last night, too! I’m really digging my homemade RJ blend, if I do say so myself.