Paleo Food Friends

Nom Nom Paleo, Bill, Hayley, and I talkin' food at the AHS.

There’s never been a better time to be a food lover who wants to eat healthy, and I’m delighted to see the explosion of paleo/primal cookbooks over the next few months. The momentum behind these cookbooks totally fuels my daydream of a future when loving to eat and eating healthy, high-quality food aren’t mutually exclusive for most people. I read about a get-together recently of big-time, mainstream food bloggers, and their potluck was gluten free. That’s pretty powerful stuff, and I’m excited by the possibility that we can slowly grow the ranks of our food and lifestyle revolution.

As you know – ’cause I can’t stop talking about it – my cookbook will be ready for you in early December (YAY!). In the next few months, two other cookbooks from some of my new paleo foodie friends will be available, too. I’ll be sharing all the details of my cookbook soon ’cause, frankly, I’m too excited to wait much longer. For now, you might want to whet your appetite with these two cookbooks… as long as you save room in your cookbook collection for mine, too.

Paleo Comfort Foods
Written by Julie and Charles Mayfield, with a foreward by Robb Wolf, Paleo Comfort Foods is all about homestyle cooking with paleo ingredients. I met Julie and Charles at the Ancestral Health Symposium, and if their cooking is like their personalities, we’re all in for a treat. Warm, friendly, smiling… I liked these two people immediately. You can pre-order their cookbook here – and see sample recipes here.



Make It Paleo
This one comes from Billy and Hayley, the couple behind the blog The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate. With a foreward by Mark Sisson, it includes recipes for every meal, plus plenty of treat foods. These two are passionate about food and styling, and it shows in their work. Learn more about their book here – and pre-order a copy here.



Every day, I’m inspired and entertained my so many paleo food bloggers: Nom Nom Paleo (my unabashed favorite) is a sassy little thing with gorgeous photos and a deliciously pragmatic approach to cooking; Fast Paleo is a collection of tasty paleo recipes; and Chowstalker and Foodee are killer sources for ideas to keep my eating on track.

What paleo food blogs inspire you to hit the kitchen?


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