Happy Anniversary, Texas Rollergirls!

Eight years ago today, I made my official debut as Melicious and skated in my first flat-track roller derby bout. Congratulations to all the Rollergirls, all over the world, who’ve laced up their skates since then. And kudos to all the girls in Austin who believed the Texas Rollergirls could make it, even when everyone was telling us we couldn’t. Well-played, ladies!

Visit the Texas Rollergirls online – or find a flat-track league near you at the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. And if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, you might want to read my book.

Can you find me in the photos below? Hint: I was on the Hotrod Honeys, and our team colors were black and pink.



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  • Raven says:

    Sweet!! Some of the girls in our league are doing their skills test in two week. Then we will actually have a proper team! Won’t be me for a while but can’t wait to cheer them on at their first bout

  • Meghann says:

    OMG! My first bout is in 2 weeks and I am freaking out!!!! Totally fell off the paleo wagon over Easter and feel so yucky and bloated. Oh well, what can I do but train hard (and smart), eat clean and sleep lots (or as much as a certain 21 month old will let me). I love your book, I’ve read it a million times. Wonder what havoc you’d wreak on the track now?? Do you ever think about going back to it?

  • Mel says:

    Raven –> That’s awesome. The beginning days are so much fun ’cause you just feel like you can conquer the world!

    Meghann –> TWO WEEKS! That’s so great. And two weeks of clean eating is plenty of time to be at your best. KALE! BEEF! WATER! You can do it.

    I’ve thought many times about how much better I’d be on the track now, but I just can’t get to where I want to do all the other stuff. League jobs wore me out. But yeah, skating with a CrossFit body would be WAY more fun. Melicious, SMASH!

  • Lauren says:

    OMG is it you in the short blonde hair? How sassy!

    P.S. I am on day 11 of Whole30…. it gets easier day by day, but I really think I am getting a complex – last few nights I have had nightmares about eating something non-Whole 30 approved. What gives!?

  • Mel says:

    Well done, Lauren! Nice eagle eyes! Yes, that’s me. I’ve been seriously considering cropping my hair again, but keeping the black. Maybe…

    Congrats on 11 days of your Whole30. It just gets easier and better. And you’re not alone with the dreams… a bunch of people on the Whole9 blog complained of the same thing. Your subconscious working some stuff out, I guess. Weird, right?

  • Meghann says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, league jobs can be tiring, especially when you factor in all the drama that doubles or triples the work load. I have so many other things in my life, and some of my league are really married to derby. It makes for a clash of perspectives at times, that’s for sure. By the way, the Hotrod Honeys are coming here in July to run a camp with another local league and I totally scored a spot. Can’t wait to get my ass handed to me;)

  • danni says:

    I can’t remember if I mentioned it but I read your book and have been passing it around within my league. It’s funny how some of the drama described in your book manages to repeat itself — I guess they say history repeats itself…