Unbroken Has Left Me… Broken

OK. I’m exaggerating. I’m not broken, but I am butt-tired.

Our marching orders this morning were to do chest-to-bar kipping pullups unbroken. The scaling requirement was to commit to a number we could do for all 5 rounds, chest to bar.  I opted to do jumping pullups, instead of the band because I can’t do a string of unbroken chest-to-bar with a band (yet!).

Um. Yeah. Jumping pullups are Hard.

5 rounds:
8 unbroken chest-to-bar kip pullups, jumping
15 American swings, 16kg
rest :20
200m sprint
20 anchored situps
rest :20
My time: 16:something

It was very convenient to have situps as the last move ’cause after I squawked “time,” I just flopped right back down on the blessedly flat, supportive, solid floor. When I finally struggled to my feet to congratulate the rest of the WOD-survivors in my class, I left a ginormous sweat angel in my wake.

Hell, yeah, Friday!

Tomorrow: strength training and a walk. Sunday: REST DAY!

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