Beautiful Bodies

Sociological Images has a cool post today – with kickass photos – about the variance in Olympic athletes’ bodies. Man! I love the different sizes and shapes represented by each sport.

Olympic athletes are among the go-to examples of the ideal human form.  And popular culture — from diet pills, to gyms, low-calorie foods, weight loss clinics, and fat camps — all promise to deliver you this ONE perfect body.  In a photography project dramatically challenging this narrative, Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein offer photographs of Olympic athlete with gorgeously and gloriously divergent bodies.

Here’s a taste:

Read the post and see all the photos here.
(Be sure to click to enlarge the photos so you can read the captions. The comparisons are pretty cool.)

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  • esdelope says:

    This was fascinating! It truly proves we all come in many shapes and sizes.

    Hope this isn't too creepy – but I've been a lurker on your blog for the past few months, and am so inspired by all you've accomplished and continue to do. I'm a three-time marathoner (and only recently, an "athlete" due to a thyroid that just ain't doing it's fair-share of it's work), and fairly new cross-fitter. Reading your story was the first time I've ever felt "Wow, there are other people out there who've felt this way and get what I've felt all too often." That seriously gave me that added push in fitness endeavors. Thank you.

    I recently made the shift to mainly paleo and primal, and have been amazed at how much of a change I feel. Any time I'm lacking for recipes, I love searching here for new ideas.

    A less anonymous reader –


  • Emily says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this: just did oodles for my self-image issues. Except I'm still jealous of all those flat stomachs since many of those women have similar stats as I do (5'10" 165lbs.) I know, keep training 😛
    LOVE your blog, thanks for being so kicka$$

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Becca –> I'm so glad you posted! Welcome! Sorry to hear you have a bum thyroid, too. DAMN those busted thyroids. I'm so glad that reading about me having meltdowns has helped you feel less alone… I seriously thought I was losing my mind before my thyroid thing was diagnose. The book The Thyroid Solution has helped with making feel more comfortable. It has lots of stories about women going through similar — and often far worse — symptoms. Highly recommended. (

    Stay in touch and let me know how you're doing!

    Emily –> I like to look for shorties like me with kinda similar body shapes and think, "So THAT'S what I'd look like with 8% body fat 🙂

    Thanks for saying you love my blog — that's even more gratifying than the elusive 8% body fat. XO.