Barbell Love

Stephanie at Radical Hateloss has a totally kickass post today about “Barbell Love.” Definitely do yourself a favor and read it.

A tasty snippet:

We do the heavy lifting in life – whether we are running our families or our careers, often times both.

We lock our grip on what needs to be moved… and move it.

We may be sore from yesterday’s trials, but we come back day after day and do what needs to be done.

I’ve had only a so-so week: super busy at work, riding the energy roller coaster courtesy of my broke-ass thyroid, and fighting to maintain a positive attitude in the face of impending monthly hormone poisoning and the aforementioned un-fun roller coaster ride.

Yeah, one of those weeks.

But some of the purest, best moments came during my two CrossFit workouts, when I could clear my mind of all the bullsh*t and just breathe. Barbells and dumbbells may be made of cold, unyielding metals, but they sure feel like the reassurance of a warm hand sometimes.

Thank you, barbell!

Friday Workout

5 rounds:
5 floor presses @30×0 – rest :30
5 good mornings @4040 – rest :30
5 seated db presses @20×0 – rest :90

My weights:
floor press: 65 – 75 – 75 – 80 – 80
good mornings: 33 – 33 – 43 – 43 – 48
db presses: 20


3 rounds:
10 deadlifts @45-55% of your 1 RM = 85#
20 burpees
My time: 6:17

Wednesday Workout

3 sets:
10 powell raises/arm @30×0
10 split squats/leg @30×0
8 external rotations/arm @30×0
rest 1:00

7 rounds:
200m sprint
7 step-ups, 20″
7 abmat situps

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  • Tom Denham says:

    My wife says that Iodoral helps convert T4 to T3 if you are hypo thyroid. Her doctor added it to her regimen and it helped a lot.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Thanks, Tom! I've just started taking some T3, in addition to Synthroid, but as you know… it takes several weeks for the magic to start to happen. Thanks for thinking of me!

  • Cheryl Mitchell says:

    Have you read any of Andrea Beaman's work? She's a former Top Chef contestant and is now a chef/health coach. She cured her thyroid issues … maybe what she's done would be interesting for you. Just passing along info, I get/take nothing for making the suggestion:

    BTW, she has an event coming up at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Is that near you?

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Thanks, Cheryl! I'm going to check it out right now.