Talk Derby to Me

Before I was CrossFit and dino-chow, I was a Texas Rollergirl. See?

That’s me, just after giving Sparkle Plenty a full-on body check that sent her flying into the audience. I really had a thing for Sparkle Plenty.

I’ve been thinking about my Derby days a lot this week for two reasons:

This Sunday, February 20 is the season opener for the Texas Rollergirls at their new venue: The Austin Convention Center. (Get your own tickets here.) I’ll be in the audience watching the carnage-on-wheels and hosting for Karaoke Apocalypse – double fun!

    Tonight at 6:30 Central, I’ll be talking Derby on KAXE, the public radio station in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I’ll be talking to Butterscotch Bitch of the Iron Range Maidens Roller Girls for her radio program RealGoodWords. Rollergirls and books – throw in some food and it would be most of my favorite things

    If you want to tune in to the interview, you can listen online here. I’ve promised to reveal some deep, dark secrets not included in my book – and I’m sure to share some embarrassing stories, too.

    And should you find yourself wanting to catch your own Derby fever, I encourage you to visit my Rollergirl Name Generator. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – is as superhero aura-inspiring as giving yourself a kickass alter ego.

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    • meghan says:

      Oh man. My husband just printed the program books for the Philly Rollergirls and I'm soooo into them! i would love to try it sometime, but I'm quite frankly terrified.

    • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

      Meghan –> My first few weeks of derby practice were pretty terrifying, but once I got over the fear of falling (much like getting over the fear of box jumps), it stopped being scary and started to be exhilarating. Plus, pretending to be a badass helps a lot when you have to BE a badass on the track… it's all pretend, but then becomes real. If you have any inkling to try it, follow your instincts!

    • Sunnie says:

      OMG! I will see you this weekend! I can't wait! I need a pic with you. I'll be wearing my Bayou City Boss Shirt with my name on the back. I'm way to proud of that shirt because I'm no rollergirl I'm just a super fan. 🙂

    • Amy says:

      I just found your blog a few weeks ago (pretty much the same time I started Crossfitting), and it's awesome! Thanks for all the info you share. My CF Box is doing a demo WOD between 2 derby bouts this Saturday for the audience. I'm pretty frexcited!

    • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

      Sunnie -> I would love to meet you! Please PLEASE make sure you find me on Sunday so we can say hi and snap a pic!

      Amy –> Congratulations on starting CrossFit! LOVE that you're box is doing a demo… maybe I should get CrossFit Austin to steal that idea and mix things up at the Texas Rollergirls some month soon!

    • Raven says:

      Whoo I've just joined our local league! I am totally addicted. Never thought I would see it in our small area in little old NZ but we rock! So much fun

    • Mer says:

      Wheeee! Can't wait to see you Sunday! Hoping to make you proud with a four-peat Championship… 😉

      Faster, Faster Kill Kill Kill!!!


    • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

      Raven –> Congratulations on joining the Derby sisterhood!

      Mer –> I can't wait to see you skate!

    • Ehsa says:

      Loved the KAXE interview! Lots of fun sprinkled with some insightful remarks on empowerment. You roller-folk rock!

    • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

      Thanks, Ehsa! I liked those girls — they asked great questions!