From Snow to Sunny, 60s, and Sprinting

First, the snow.

I know half an inch of snow and temperatures in the teens aren’t a big deal to many readers of my blog. But in Austin, Texas, it’s a very unusual occurrence. According to the local news, last week included some of the coldest temperatures in Austin since 1989. (Our friends, visiting from Alaska, joked that we really didn’t need to go so far to make them feel welcome.) That kind of freaky weather shuts down our town and makes everyone start jumping up and down, yelling,

Snow Day! Snow Day!

Look! This is a photo Dave took of the street near our house. (See more photos of snowy Austin here.)

Early Friday morning, we piled on the layers – I wore two pairs of pants and a silk tshirt under a longsleeved tshirt under a turtleneck under a cardigan under a fake fur coat)– and we went for a walk in the winter wonderland. Dave even made a snow angel!

But that was Friday.

Yesterday the sun lit up the fairy tale-blue sky, the temperature climbed to 60-something, and it was Perfect Running Weather™, so we hit the trail.

PRW deserves more than a ho-hum slog around the lake, so this is what I did:

Sunny, 60s, and Sprinting Workout
4 rounds:
2:00 run + :30 walk

10 rounds:
:30 sprint + 1:00 walk

1 round:
easy half-mile run to the end of the 3-mile loop

Then we ate salads on the roof patio of Whole Foods with our guests, and lounged in the sun like lizards.

Visiting pals + snow day + Perfect Running Weather = awesome weekend.

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  • The Wells Family says:

    Haaa! I'm from Alaska. Living in the Seattle area now, the folks around here can't handle the snow either. I can only imagine what Texas is like!

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  • Lauren {Stylized Existence} says:

    Bought the Bengal Spice tea yesterday – was feeling under the weather all week and knew I wouldn't be partaking in beer drinking superbowl festivities….. best purchase I have made in a long time. It is SO delicious. Great recommendation.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Wells Family –> Yeah, Austin kinda came apart a little bit when the white stuff hit the ground… but it was really fun, too!

    Lauren –> Glad you like the Bengal Spice! Did you try it with warmed coconut milk in it? SO yummy.