Paleo-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

I am terrible at celebrating what I consider the minor holidays… stuff like St. Patrick’s Day and Groundhog Day and, yes – forgive me – Valentine’s Day. But in my quest to be the best version of myself, I’m making an effort this year to celebrate more – and that includes silly commercially-produced holidays. Why not?! There’s not a damn thing wrong with making an extra effort to smile more and maybe do a little something extra to let someone special know they are VERY special.

I don’t deny that the quickest way to win my heart is through my stomach. But I also don’t see any reason to tank my Whole30 eating efforts with candy or champagne or forbidden foods simply because the calendar reads February 14. So I’ve compiled a list of sweet kitchen gadgets that can show your beloved they are loved, without handing them a 2-pound box of sugary poison. Because I am a lazy shopper and buy almost everything online – and, who am I kidding, I buy mostly from Amazon – this list if comprised of stuff you can order from Amazon and know it will arrive on time.

Heart-Shaped Bamboo Spoon
Perfect for stir-frying a big pile of vegetables and protein into a plate o’ love for yourself or your sweetheart. I have several bamboo spoons and they are the awesomest for stove-top cooking.

Cast-Iron Heart Casserole
This is a little on the spendy side, but a dish like this is as long-lasting as true love – and it’s great for roasting/braising heart-y meats like Greek Beef stew, beef short ribs, pork shoulder, and lamb shanks.

Mini Hearts Pan
How sweet would spinach muffins be baked in the shape of a heart?!

Love-ly Measuring Spoons
These fancy spoons are ideal for concocting a love potion… like Sunshine Sauce or Creamy Italian salad dressing.

Red Heart Cutting Board
Because nothing says ‘true love’ like chopping something into itty-bitty pieces!

Silicone Egg Rings
Breakfast for dinner? Breakfast in bed? How about breakfast for dinner in bed!… made all the more romantic with heart-shaped eggs.

Jane Eyre
I know! It’s totally not a cooking thing. But you know I think it is the GREATEST BOOK EVER. And this edition has a Valentine’s Day-worthy cover!

Jane Eyre DVD
In case you’ve already read the book (or don’t want to read the book… for shame!), this is the film version that I love best. Nice for a girls’-night movie party, or a romantic snuggle.

Finally, here’s an adorable FREE gift for your favorite foodie valentine…

FREE Sweet DIY Fruit Stickers
From Thig & Thistle, a PDF you can download to create stickers that make fruit even sweeter.

And should you receive a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, indulge in one or two… but only if they’re Good ones. (I promise you this: if I wasn’t in the middle of a Whole70, I would be having a box of See’s sent to our house.) And after you savor one or two, remember that feeding yourself quality food is a loving act – and get the candy out of your house.

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