Jingle Balls & Reindeer Games

Nothing says ‘holidays’ like a punny workout! Last year, Dave and I brought you a silly chipper: The 12 Days of CrossFit Christmas Workout – and just to show we’re not Scrooge-y, we did it ourselves (in a silly costume, even!)

This year, the workout is more functional – just what you need to keep up with Santa’s reindeer or totally take down an elf that’s getting to big for his tiny britches! It’s a two-parter called Jingle Balls & Reindeer Games. You should be able to knock it out in about 45 minutes, including warm-up… which means you can quickly get back to family mania, opening gifts, and making potentially questionable food choices. Don’tcha love the holidays!?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

400m easy jog
high knees, butt kicks, skip forward, skip backward
2X 10 air squats + 10 pushups + 10 lunges + 10 rotations

Part 1: Jingle Balls
3 rounds, for time:
1:00 medicine ball overhead throws with a partner
1:00 medicine ball cleans
1:00 medicine ball slams
1:00 medicine ball situps
1:00 rest

Part 2: Reindeer Games
Run each distance as fast as you can – pretend you’re training with the reindeer to help Santa make his rounds this year. Rest 1:00 after each sprint.

Dasher Sprint: 25m
Dancer Sprint: 50m
Prancer Sprint: 100m
Vixen Sprint: 200m
Comet Sprint: 200m
Cupid Sprint: 100m
Donner Sprint: 50m
Blitzen Sprint: 25m
Bonus Rudolph Round: 50m walking lunges as fast as you can while maintaining perfect form

[Note: Thanks to an old workout from the 603 for inspiring this sprint-tastic workout.]

Attention Austinites: We’ll be doing the workout at Gillis Park in south Austin on December 24 at 9:00 a.m… bring a medicine ball if you’ve got one!

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