But Dirty Can Be So Much Fun

Melissa and Dallas over at Whole9 Life have a brilliant post today about how to allow “treats” in our lives for optimal health and happiness. After all, even a superhero-in-training wants/needs a tortilla chip once a while.

Help yourself to two heaping servings of good advice from the giant brains behind the Whole30 (which are so awesome, I desperately wish I’d written them myself):

The Whole9 Guide to Eating Dirty (Part I)

The Whole9 Guide to Eating Dirty (Part II)

This is the part that resonates most with me:
” Eat something because you want it, and because it’s special… not just because it’s there.”

And also:
“When you do go off-diet, SAVOR IT. There’s nothing worse than taking a plate of homemade cookies and then hoovering ‘em mindlessly in front of the TV. That is a shameful waste of a cheat.”

My favorite treat/cheat is tortilla chips and salsa at, say, 11:00 a.m. on a Saturday at Habanero with Dave. We’ve done an ass-kicking workout prior, we have no plans for after, and we’re in a lovely state of lingering over conversation, nibbles, and nothing in particular.

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