OH, My! OH Squats

OK! OK! This is, like, totally me when conversations turn to the different types of squats:

“Ooooo! I LOOOOOOOVE front squats. I do! I know everyone hates them, but I LOOOOOOVE them. I watched this video once – the one on Again Faster – and he was totally, like, ‘It’s going to be uncomfortable’ and I was, like, it is totally uncomfortable. But I love them, ya know?! I do!”

And then when everyone says they hate overhead squats, as they inevitably do, I say:

“Ooooo! You know what else I LOOOOOVE? Overhead squats! I mean, they’re so HARD and they’re SO FUN. I love overhead stuff. Snatch, push press, overhead squat… I. LOVE. THEM. ALL.”

Phfft. Yeah.

Now I can’t walk or lift my arms.


3 sets
6-8 front squats @ 3-count down, 1-count up
rest :30
4-8 pushups @ 2-count down, 2-count up
8-12 ring rows + AMRAP assisted chinups
rest :30

5 rounds:
10 overhead squats, 45#
5/5 barbell lunges
5 handstand pushups (pike on box)
My time: 12:29

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  • Jesse Richards says:

    Yeah, last time I went to OHS I ended up dropping the bar 4 feet onto the pins in the power cage. I got a lot of weird looks for that one.

  • AllieNic says:

    You're funny! I did a heavy squat day yesterday…and now I can't sit down…or stand up…or walk without people staring…BUT I too like squats of all kinds…I think it's from all my days squatting for shot put training…