Good, Clean Fun

Karaoke Apocalypse @ the Nomad
Cocktails consumed: 0
Glasses of water consumed: 3
Candy consumed: 0
Episodes of tambourine+butt shaking: >1000

The members of Karaoke Apocalypse decided to dress as KISS for our Halloween show last night, so my co-hostess Ruby and I took inspiration from the cover of Love Gun to play along.

The DeadMotleySexMaidens as KISS. 
(From the left: Adam Tyner, drums; Chris Nine, bass; Chepo Pena, guitar; and Mario Alvarez, guitar. That’s me and the hot-cha-cha Ruby Lamb in the front.)

There were a ton of great costumes at the show. These are two of my favorites… Juggernaut!

And Julia Child! (You can’t see the adorable rolling pin Julia was holding.)

Smudge approved my makeup before the show.

It’s not often a girl can dress like this and declare the evening “good, clean fun.”

When I got home at 2:30 a.m., I ate some Vampire-Fighting Paleo Pork, drank Natural Calm, and slept the sleep of the righteous… this morning I woke up a little tired, but hangover-free. Yay for the Whole30!

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