Beautiful Strength

The XIX Commonwealth Games were held October 3-14 in New Delhi, India, and included teams from the 54 member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Check out all the photos from the XIX Commonwealth Games at the Big Picture on

The Best Version of Ourselves 2018

The post below was originally published in 2011, and it's been updated each year to reflect where I am in my life and the new...

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A Little Respect (Strength Monday 7/8/13)

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, Dave and I are hitting the craptastic gym in our Converse to lift heavy stuff and work on skills...

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  • Lydia says:

    The New Zealand Rugby team photo is effing awesome. Thank you so much for posting that link. I'm sad (and embarrassed) that I hadn't even heard of this event. I'm not the most sports-minded person, but still. Sheesh.