Why, Hello! Good To See You Again

I was just thinking last night that it’s been a while (many might say “too long”) since I did deadlifts and pullups. Bingo! The CrossFit Austin workout for today had all kinds of stuff I haven’t done in a while: cleans, push press, deadlifts, pullups.

I can’t even believe I’m about to type this, but…

I missed throwing around the barbell.

Skills – rest :30 between sets of 3
power clean to overhead, 60# (I did push press.)
(This rep scheme is called ‘clusters,’ and man! they’re fun.)

5 sets:
deadlift @ 125# – 3 reps: up for 2-count, hold for 2, down for 1
rest :30
20 walking lunges
rest 2:00

5 rounds:
5 kipping pullups, blue band
10 air squats
rest :10
My time: 4:09

I thoroughly enjoyed the skills portion of the workout and although the pullups were not very fun, it’s hard to complain about a WOD that lasts only 4:09. (I should mention that Nick, a fire breather in my class, finished the WOD in 2:11. But we like him anyway.)

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