Prague POD: August 24

In September, Dave and I are going on a 2-week holiday to Prague. I’m going to eat a dumpling (and a strudel), wear a black leather jacket, and walk on cobblestones. I’ve been asked so many times, “Why Prague?” that I’ve decided to show you.

It’s the Prague Photo of the Day (POD).


From all accounts, Prague has a kickass public transportation system that includes both a tram and a metro. I la-la-love the freedom of public trans – and the amusing and amazing people-watching. Oh, the stories I can make up about my fellow travelers! And yes, dear friends, I will remain vigilant against the pickpockets. Promise.

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  • Ehsa says:

    The Prague PODs continue to fascinate, especially interspersed with Tales of the CF WODs. Google's translation app and Wikipedia provided the meanings shown below of the pub trans signs … enjoy!

    Kolej = track, line

    Smer = direction

    Stanice = station

    Zličín is a Prague Metro station and terminus of Line B. Zličín metro station gives direct pedestrian access to the 2004 constructed Metropolis shopping mall, and has zero-fare bus links to the nearby Globus, Tesco and Ikea hypermarkets.

    Černý most (English: Black Bridge) is a housing estate in Prague and also a Prague Metro station and terminus of Line B.

    Will you be blogging from Prague? Not sure I can survive without on-site updates from you!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Ehsa! I'm so glad you're enjoying the Prague posts. It's been really fun (and educational) for me to dig into the history and the language — glad you like it, too!

    I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging on my vacation. I'm tempted to completely unplug, but we have wifi in our apartment, so I'm not sure I can resist sharing with y'all. At the very least, you can expect twitter updates with photos!

  • MelG says:

    Mel, just do it and unplug. I only hit e-mail 2 times when we were in Belize and it was the most relaxing week I've had in years. Twitter too.