Prague POD: August 17

In September, Dave and I are going on a 2-week holiday to Prague and Berlin. I’m going to eat a dumpling (and a strudel), wear a black leather jacket, and walk on cobblestones. I’ve been asked so many times, “Why Prague?” that I’ve decided to show you.

It’s the Prague Photo of the Day (POD).

I am terrible with a map and routinely lose my car in the Target parking lot because I just don’t pay attention when I’m out and about. I suspect I will lose my way and find myself among the twisting, curving cobblestones in Prague.

And at night, I will pretend I’m a spy.

[photos from Kakna’s Prague]

Make no mistake, I would be the worst spy EVER: I’m a terrible liar, I am 100% willing to divulge personal details, and I love to be the center of attention. These qualities do not lend themselves to the intricacies of espionage. But do I have a powerful imagination – and in my noggin, I’m Salt.

(I LOVE this photo, too, but the photographer doesn’t allow downloads; go to Flickr to see “spy corner.”)

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  • Bill says:

    I've had dreams (good ones) about getting lost in Prague. It really is another world.

  • Danni says:

    My friend and I were actually lost in Prague and it was one of the coolest experiences imagineable. I think we walked 20 miles one day trying to find a place to stay (we didn't plan very well, were 20 years old and were not yet savvy travelers).

  • c9 says:

    Ooh! I've been on that street! It's right off the main square where the velvet revolution thingie happened.

    You may want to watch the first Mission Impossible and XXX (it's worth it) for extra inspiration. Both have major Prague landmarks in them. I think XXX pretends it's somewhere else, but the big scene on the bridge is TOTALLY the bridge you have to visit, both during the day (gorgeous) and at night (fire-eaters!)

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Chris! That's so awesome! I love that you know that street… definitely going to look for it.

    Thanks for the movie recommendations — fun!