Cardio Kapow!

Sometimes the workout is made of things I hate (and I feel grrr and determined). Sometimes it’s made of things at which I don’t totally suck (and I feel wheeee!). I know that as CrossFitters we’re supposed to seek out opportunities to work on our weaknesses, but dang if it isn’t fun and inspiring sometimes to do a workout that feels like success!

Today was like that.

I was only meh on the skills work (more ‘negative’ ring dips), but the met-con WOD was like super playtime. Jump rope + hill sprints + humidity + a workout partner = early morning fun.

400m run
high knees, butt kicks, lunges, side shuffles, punter kicks, under/overs
flutter kicks, dead bugs
OH PVC squats

3 sets:
5 clean lift-offs, 2 count up, 2 count down
rest :30
AMRAP ring dips (little jump, lower for count of 3)
rest 2:00

7 rounds:
:45 jump rope + rest :15
hill sprint + rest :15
My time: 12:39
My jump rope reps: 706

Oh, man! The math was tricky this morning. We had to count our jump rope reps AND watch the clock for when our :45 was up AND watch the clock for the :15 rest segments AND, while huffing and puffing from sprinting, add :45 to the clock to know when to stop jumping and start resting. It was a nightmare for a word nerd like me! I can’t do math very well when I’m stone-cold sober, hydrated, and fed… when I’m CrossFit stupid? Forget it.

Big thanks to my classmate Mike for being able to do math while sweating and for making sure I didn’t ease up on the hill sprints.

Full disclosure: I collapsed on the floor in a sweating, heaving pile when we finished. I’ve never been so glad to lie flat and breathe.

When I stopped huffing and puffing, I did about eight baby-jump, deadhang chinups with a 3-count on the negative. I wish I could say I enjoyed them.

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