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My friend Patrick is a kind person and a gifted writer with a giant brain and smushy heart. He recently lost a dear friend and wrote a piece about how Facebook is keeping his friend’s memory alive. I have mixed feelings about digital “intimacy” – which is a tricky position for a Content Strategist.

On one hand, the Web has given me all of you to count among my friends – how fortunate! On the other, to me, Facebook is a blight on humanity.

Patrick offers a divergent, intelligent, touching perspective:

Four months after his passing, my friend’s Facebook wall now functions as group therapy where anything goes, ranging from wish-you-were here sighs to irresolvable anger at our collective loss… And thanks to the social cloud, we can share in our healing among the company and comfort of friends. For as long as we have media like Facebook, the content lifecycle can be endless.

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