Food With Personality

The Tipsy Baker is one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve mentioned her here once before, but I’ve never adequately conveyed my deep envy of and appreciation for her storytelling abilities. Every one of her blog posts isn’t a homerun, but when she connects, she really connects.

Her post today – just to continue the baseball reference (even though I’m not technically a ‘baseball person’) – is a grand slam homer at the bottom of the ninth.

Are you skeptical? Here’s a tasty tidbit to whet your appetite:

“Dark chocolate is Bea Arthur, milk chocolate is my mother, an uncooked hot dog is Ricky Gervais.”

An uncooked hot dog is Ricky Gervais!

Can. you. even?!

Read the whole ‘Banana is Burt’ post here.

Clearly, my Paleo Rogan Josh is Seth Rogan… but what about my favorite chili recipe or Moroccan Meatballs or Meatza Pie? Who are they? I’m pretty sure Calypso Chicken is Charo (aaiiyeeee!)… What do you think? Do you ascribe personalities to your food? And should I feel bad when I chomp on Charo?

For more Tipsy Baker goodness, read the article that made me fall in love with her writing: ‘What I Learned When I Killed A Chicken’ at I know it sounds gruesome, but it’s really a story about love.

[BONUS silliness: On my search for a ‘raw hot dog’ image, I found this.]

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