You know what rules? On Saturdays, I kinda get to be the boss.

During the week, I submit 100% to my CrossFit Austin coaches. They tell me to do negative pullups again; I do them. Again. They yell, “Sprint! No jogging.” and I sprint. They sentence me to six burpees for being late, I crank out six burpees.

But on Saturdays, I perceive the prescribed WOD as filled with suggestions that I can choose to follow or modify based on my mood, energy level, Friday night dinner, and the f*cking central Texas heat index.

Bonita is still on her Navy SEAL kick, so the workout she chose for this morning was a doozy and included L-sit pullups, knees-to-elbows, pushups, and jump rope. My hands are still kind of a wreck, and my ass is kinda kicked from my classes this week, so I modified “Bad Snake” to the following:

Saturday WOD
For time:
100 jump rope
42 situps
50 pushups
100 jump rope
30 situps
35 pushups
24 situps
20 pushups
My time: 20:00

Then for fun, I practiced double-unders and got two sets of 10 unbroken (with a single jump in between). I guess Wednesday wasn’t a fluke! And sometime soon, I need to try them without the interim single. But not today!

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  • jencereghino says:

    I did "Bad Snake" (I subbed 25 double unders for the 100 singles) as my garage WOD today…thanks for the idea! My hands started to tear and I almost skipped the last 9 pull ups…and then I thought about the competitors and yesterday's "Helen"esque WOD…I immediately felt like a baby and decided to do them.

    I've been watching the CrossFit Games via live feed, all weekend and figured I should do something to get the blood flowing. This was perfect! 🙂

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Right on! Way to whip out the double-unders!

    I've been watching the Games, too. I want to try scaling a wall and throwing some heavy sandbags. FUN!

  • jencereghino says:

    Me too!!! I grew up in the mountains and LOVE doing things like that…filling and pushing wheelbarrows, rolling and moving stumps (after the tree guy falls it and cuts it into stump, of course), and just random "fun" activities of the sort. Way more fun to me, than pistols (which I attempted, for the first time this weekend, and FAILED!) or running in circles around a track (blech!), in my opinion.

    I just climbed a rope for the first time, a month or so ago…and, it was not 20' and I did not do it after a weekend like that. Truly can't even imagine! I would really love to try that wheelbarrow-sandbag workout!!!