Whole30: Day 22

From June 1 through June 30, I’m participating in the Whole30 clean-up/change your life/heal thyself plan. (Here’s why.)

When the alarm went off at 5:01 this morning, I had that experience where I’m all kinds of confused by the noise that’s happening. What is that?! [fling arms wildly toward direction of noise in desperate attempt to make it stop]. Then I hit the snooze, put the alarm clock under the blanket, and returned to the fetal position. Zonk! Straight back to sleep until four minutes later when the annoying sound started again. That time took, and I got up because I did NOT want to miss this workout at CrossFit Central:

3X5 front squat

6 rounds, for time:
3 bear complex
3 burpees

I really do love front squats (despite our rocky start), which is completely weird, but there you have it. And I love them even more now because I hit a new PR for five reps: 105#.

The RX weight for the bear complex was 75#, but based on two excellent posts about the importance of scaling (here and here), I used 65# and made a deal with myself that I would move-move-move through the workout. I finished in 8:30.

I had a pretty good food day yesterday. In no particular order, I enjoyed egg salad with homemade mayo, turkey bacon, sautéed kale, grilled chicken thighs, coconut-almond green beans (if you haven’t made these yet and you love yourself at all, you need to make them immediately), chicken sausage, a 1/3 of a cinnamon roll Larabar, and grilled pork with grilled pineapple. And, of course, a little Sunbutter treat for happy dreams.

7.5 restful hours

Thinkin’ you want to take better care of yourself? Here are some guidelines you might find helpful.

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