Whole30: Day 10

From June 1 through June 30, I’m participating in the Whole30 clean-up/change your life/heal thyself plan. (Here’s why.)

I’d planned to go to CrossFit Women this morning to finish CrossFit Total, but movie night last night (Get Him to the Greek!) meant I didn’t get to bed ’til after 11:00… which meant 5:05 came wicked fast. I got up, got halfway toward getting dressed, and staggered back to bed. I kinda slept in that woozy-boozy state where I’m not sure if I’m asleep or not. Anyhoodle. Tomorrow I’ll be doing 5X5 back squats and 5X3 overhead press as penance for missing CrossFit Total. Oopsy.

Can I get a hell, yeah for eating at my desk?! OK. Maybe not.

Yesterday I again ate breakfast, lunch, and both snacks while typing… but that trend should end today. In no particular order, I consumed smoked BBQ pork, chicken sausage, cabbage, coconut oil, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives, blackberries, coconut milk, carrots, and a 1/3 of a cherry pie Larabar. That was all at the office.

Dinner was great! In between belly laughs at Russell Brand and Jonah Hill’s drunken antics, I snarfed a huge salad with avocado, grilled steak, jicama, cucumbers, and a piquant lime-chile vinaigrette at the Alamo Drafthouse.*

I’ve got to stop skimping on sleep. Six or seven hours is NOT enough. Perhaps I need to re-read my rants on sleep?! (Part 1 | Part 2)

Thinkin’ you want to take better care of yourself? Here are some guidelines you might find helpful.

*Hey, Austinites! If you love the Drafthouse, but don’t love that it seems like the only things worth eating on their menu are burgers or pizza, take heart. The salads have been upgraded! And it’s not like, “Well, it’s not great but at least it’s healthy.” The salads are Good. Tasty. Huge. Fresh. My recommendation: The “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” salad – ordered with NO tortilla strips and NO cheese. It’s delicious!

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  • Kara DeLeon says:

    I love that salad!!! I eat it everytime I go there just how you described…no tortilla strips or cheese please! 😉 I've always gotten the chicken though…I will definitely try the beef next time!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    And maybe next time, I'll try the chicken!