Quick & Dirty Workout

The CrossFit Central women’s workout for today inspired me to do a solo performance in my backyard. By the end of the burpees, I looked like a giant bee: bright yellow pollen was streaked all over my black workout clothes. Bzzzzzzzz!

4X length of the driveway: farmer’s walk w/ 2 kettlebells = 75#
400m run
4X length of the driveway: farmer’s walk

CrossFit Women WOD
2 rounds:
40 DB push press, 20# DBs
30 squats
20 situps
10 burpees

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  • Meagan says:

    That looks like a great workout! And so easy to do from home. I don't have dumbbells anymore, but perhaps Tricia's dog will agree to stand in for them 😉

  • erikajeanne says:

    i liked that WOD this morning AND it was fun to be humbled by the 45# bar. how'd you fare with those 20# dbs?

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Twenty-lb. dumbbells are pretty heavy. I did sets of 10 with 3-2-1-go! breaks in between for the first round… then second round forced myself to do a 15 in the middle. Shoulder burner!

    Burpees, man.

  • Jessica @RESEactivewear says:

    I love backyard workouts for three reasons. 1. being outside is good for the soul 2. I'm still at home but I'm not knocking down any furniture 3. I can throw my pollen covered RESE activewear straight in the wash right after. It's like a win win win ;).