All Work And No Play…

… makes Mel a grumpy girl.
(Do you love it when I refer to myself in the third person?!)

I’ve been quite busy this week,  but, to be fair to the corporate overlords, it’s been good work, and my project team pretty much rules the roost. I’ve been spending most of my days writing and editing, so the noggin is fully engaged, and that feels good.

Tucked in and among the hours of typing, I’ve been eating sardines and kippers and pulled pork and pastel-colored, leftover Easter eggs with lots of leafy green things — and reveling… REVELING, PEOPLE!… in my return to 5X a week training.

I will now brag about my awesome CrossFit Women workouts from this week.

Tuesday CrossFit Women
3 rounds:
20 db snatch 25#
10 renegade rows 25#
20 kb deadlift 24kg

My time: 13:05

Ahem. As RX’d! F*ck, yeah. I was the only person in class to take on the RX weight, which  made me strut a little. I love the snatch. It makes no sense. But… love often makes no sense, oui?

Thursday CrossFit Women
ring dips 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
squat cleans 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Cleans. Hmmm. They’re just after thrusters on my Master List of Arch Nemeses. Thanks to Coach Jen Cardella, I swallowed my Fear of Slow-Moving Elbows and went with 75# on the bar. (The RX’d weight was 115# which made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.)

I worked those cleans; they weren’t all pretty, but the elbows are comin’ around, and I do love front squats. (Again with the mysteries of love. For the front squats, it’s something about the acceptance of the discomfort… like they’re so uncomfortable, it pushes past the far right end of the spectrum to loop back around into affection… or something like that.)

I stood up from my final squat clean just as Coach Crystal called “time” at 20:00. Whew!

Oh! I used that totally skinny-ass purple band (1/2 inch?) for most of the ring dips. Triceps of fire! I switched to a wider band for the last round because I really, really wanted to finish before the cut-off. I usually choose going heavier over going faster, but today, I just really wanted to complete the countdown to 1.

*end bragging

Need to work on your squat clean? Here’s a super kickass video from Again Faster to help you with that.

Something else you should know: I am woefully behind in posting truly excellent, mind-blowingly awesome posts. Some are half-written in my notebook, others are awaiting final edits in the drafts folder, and some, sadly, are still just ideas in the aforementioned noggin. Bear with me while work takes precedence for another few days. New posts are coming; promise!

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  • Lory says:

    I saw your squat cleans from across the gym this morning (umm, stalker 🙂 and they looked awesome! Light weight, baby! That wod looked like fun!