When In Wichita…

Think it’s too hard to maintain your CrossFit lifestyle and eat healthily while traveling?! Think again.

Erin Ammon – you remember Erin… when she was the focus of a profile here on my blog, I described her as “audacious and bold and silly and smart and that person you’re glad to know because she’s so brazen in her laughter and willingness to try new adventures.”

Yeah, THAT Erin.

Anyway, she’s got a new dayjob that requires her to travel a fair amount. And right around the time she started her gig, she also renewed her commitment to CrossFit and eating clean.

When she found herself on her way to Wichita, did she pout and throw up her hands in despair? Well, maybe… but she also packed her Triggerpoint kit, made a plan for hitting the grocery store, and found an equipment-free CrossFit workout to kick her butt.

Whether you’re staying home or taking your bad self on the road, you really need to read her blog post: Wichita Lineman

[P.S. The aerial dancing she mentioned in her profile… she’s signed up to start this month. How’s THAT for awesome?!]

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  • Erin Clare says:

    Mel, you know how to make me feel like a rock star. Thank you for making my week away from home not feel so far away. You are an amazing and wonderful being and dear dear friend.