I’ll Take a Hamburger With a Cookie On Top

This post has nothing to do with training or clean eating. In fact, it romanticizes cookies. You will survive.

Take a look at this post that explains what happens when a kid staying home sick from school finds inspiration in a Seussian cookbook.

One Sick Day + Dr. Seuss = Weird and Amazing

Whenever either of my kids shows interest in cooking anything–no matter how weird, how obscure, however ill-timed, however overly complicated (did I mention ill-timed and complicated?)–I am so excited, I’m like, “Sure, you betcha! I know it’s a weekday morning, and you have school in half an hour, but brioche sounds great!”

So, younger son, home sick for the day, begins to browse a “kid” cookbook, called The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook by Georgeanne Brennan. “Can we make something from this?” … leave it to Charlie to pick the most complicated recipe in the book.

Read the entire post here; it’s an adorable and excellent reminder that sometimes creativity should trump good sense.

Some days, you just gotta throw concerns about strict nutrition out the window and be happy. Be creative! Do something silly! Eat a cookie!

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