Blog Aid for Haiti: The Cookbook

Several foodie blogs I read on a regular basis are talking about this cookbook for a cause: Blog Aid – Recipes for Haiti.

It’s a glossy, full-color, 110-page cookbook with recipes and photographs from 27 bloggers and food writers. According to The Traveler’s Lunchbox, “There’s every kind of thing you could want inside: soups, cakes, granolas, gluten-free, vegetarian and kid-friendly, and they’ve all been vetted and tested and are tried-and-true favorites.”

There are two versions of the book: a softcover for $25 and a hardcover for $50 (and ground shipping is only $6.99). All proceeds after the cost of printing (by on-demand publisher Blurb) will be donated to Haiti relief via Canadian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders – Blurb and West Canadian Graphics are matching every dollar up to $10,000. In addition, until February 12, all proceeds will also be matched by the Canadian government.

Go, Canada and foodies!

The way I see it, there are three advantages to donating via this cookbook:

  1. You get an easy way to donate some money to Haiti – and your donation is matched TWICE.
  2. You get a pile of new recipes for everyday and special occasions.
  3. You get introduced to a slew of food blogs you might not know about yet.

    Here’s one of the spreads from the cookbook:

    I just ordered my copy! Take a peek at more recipes and get your own copy at the Blurb website.

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