20 Degrees Was Going To Be Our Excuse

I watched the weather forecast last night with my buddies Dread, Glee, Commitment, and Negotiation.

Dread said, “Oh, man! It’s going to be, like, 20 degrees tomorrow morning and really windy. Our workout is gonna suck!”

Glee nodded in agreement. “If it’s that cold, we can stay home from CrossFit Women and workout on our own instead… inside… at, like, 7:30 instead of 5:45.”

Commitment frowned. “Isn’t it kind of disrespectful to our coach, our friends, and ourselves to stay home just because it’s cold? I mean, our friends will be there. And we all know how much better it is when everyone shows up for class. Plus, lame! Do you not remember when nothing would keep us from our workout?”

Glee and Dread rolled their eyes.

Then Negotiation chimed in: “Hey! I know! When we get the tweet of the workout, if it’s a good one, we’ll go. And if it’s a bad one, we can say it was too cold and that we worked out on our own.”

Then the Tweet arrived.

5 rounds:
8 med ball cleans
10 ring dips
12 med ball thrusters
* with a heavy med ball

“I’m sure it’s going to be, like, negative 10 with the wind chill,” warned Dread. Glee didn’t hear because she bolted to the bedroom to re-set the alarm from 5:01 to 7:15. Commitment groaned and realized she’d be doing two of her least favorite moves in just a few hours, and Negotiation hung her head in shame with the realization that, once again, she’d lost a battle to Commitment.

Workout time (with Dread, Glee, Commitment, and Negotation all working together together to finish the workout with a 20-lb. med ball): 10:40

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