Snow Day!

Oh! Did we have plans!

We were going to start the day with a 3-mile run around the lake, then our first sweet-potato-and-egg breakfast of the year, followed by painting our kitchen wall (a lovely shade of spring green), and other post-holiday chores.


Glorious, beautiful, awesome FAIL.

It was cold.
I was hungry.
And I might have said, in a whisper, “I don’t want to get back to regular life yet. Can’t we have one more holiday-ish-ish day?”

We declared a “snow day” and chucked our responsibilities.

We ate a leisurely breakfast at Habanero, sans workout clothes, and I’ve spent the time between then and now doing minor household maintenance (Bataan Memorial Death March registration!), while catching up on blogs (boy! do I have some good ones to share with you!) and trying to return to my regular eating schedule (which means I just ate some cucumber and olive salad).

Retraining our taste buds is a challenge. Dave’s suffering through the sugar withdrawal blues, and my appetite is just flat. I’ve never been a person who “forgot to eat,” but damn if I’m not having trouble getting in all my good calories. I’m sure that trend will turn around when I return to my regular training schedule, but my body and attitude feel very “quiet” right now. I kinda like it!

But it’s not meant to last.

Tomorrow, we return to the craptastic gym for back squats and overhead presses… then Tuesday morning, my CrossFit Women class begins the new training year with Angie. Good heavens to Betsy Ross!

I’ll be posting my workouts this week so you can join me in the joyous return to routine – with renewed commitment and optimism for 2010. I’ve set some new creative goals (more writing! more music!) for the year to complement the physical ones and despite my sorta subdued vibe right now, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.

So tomorrow, the warrior returns. But today, this warrior is enjoying one more day of reclining on the couch with an excellent book (The Train Home), a snuggly cat, a cup of tea, and  big ideas about what’s to come.

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