Friday Fun – December 18, 209

I know you already know, but check out these 10 reasons to give you grains. (Note: I ate half a slice of fruitcake and a 1/3 cup of chicken fried rice at our work party today. Sue me.)

So that‘s how he manages to deliver presents to the whole world in one night!

Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing grosser than a Chicken McNugget.

I love the creativity of these wacky Menorahs.

Mmmmm… marrow.

Is it wrong that I have so many of these on my Christmas playlist?

And finally, this is what I wore to our corporate overlords’ “Tacky Holiday Party” that featured a viewing of A Christmas Story, a Chinese food feast, fruitcake, and a costume contest. (When I asked Dave this morning if my Buddy Holly glasses worked with the snow princess hairband, he said I looked “scary,” and that’s when I knew my outfit was perfect.):

And this is what I won for my efforts:

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