That’s Fit Success Stories: Elizabeth Boccuzzi

I’m a contributor to AOL’s fitness blog That’s Fit… my goal when I write “over there” is to bring the CrossFit, be a fire breather, eat like a cave person philosophy to the That’s Fit readers… shake ’em up a little bit and get them lifting, jumping, sleeping, and chowing down properly.

I was recently assigned a featured column: That’s Fit Success Stories. I’m super excited about the opportunity to interview people who’ve changed their lives by moving their bodies and eating good food. I always pick up something helpful when I talk to other people about their habits.

Today’s Success Story: Elizabeth Boccuzzi

I’m looking for more people to profile. You don’t need to have lost a boatload of weight to qualify. Did you turn around a health problem? Completely change your workout routine or diet? Lose the last nagging 10 pounds? Shoot me an email at mel at chancemccoy dot com and let’s talk!

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