Friday Fun

Some days, you need a little fitness-, food-, and fun-related distraction. I am your loyal servant. Enjoy! And happy Friday!

Sure, jerky can be paleo, but what about cheese jerky?!

Do you remember your first CrossFit workout? I thought I was cruising through my first Bootcamp until I learned that was JUST the WARMUP.

I don’t have nights like this very often anymore, but I still like to read about them.

This seems like a really dumb diet, but the blog post is awesome:The Every Other Day Diet Revisited

I am 100% certain that this would not make me feel special.

These seem like a fine substitute for at least one of my usual Christmas cookies.

Handstands were a big goal for me for 2009. And will be for 2010, and potentially 2011 and beyond. These handstand progressions should help.

It may or may not snow in Austin today; make a faux snowflake instead.

Am I boring you?

I’m not much of a drinker, but I adore a nice glass of bubbly. Just in time for the holidays, instructions on how to properly open sparkling wine.

Finally, I will look something like this when I walk to the bus this afternoon.

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  • foodfitnessfreshair says:

    Handstands have definitely been one of my goals this past year! I still usually can't do them off the wall for more than a few seconds…but occasionally I'm lucky, so I guess I'm making progress!