Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey and Voting!

The headline reads “Delay Thanksgiving Dinners to See Suffragette” and in 1909, that’s what a slew of women in Chicago did. They made the turkey and family wait while they went to see Emiline Pankhurst, the “world-famed leader of the English suffragettes.”

These sketches represent Chicago Suffragettes who were all set to meet “Mrs. Pankhurst” )as she was referenced in the press) to hear her “militant methods.” Shocking!

Also disconcerting: “More than a score of Thanksgiving dinners have been postponed from 1 o’clock to 6 o’clock as a consequence…”

Waiting five extra hours for your turkey: unthinkable!

On top of the many things for which I’m grateful (an itty-bitty sampling of which includes my husband, my family, Sunbutter, my CrossFit friends, black boots, Barack Obama, cumin, Chuck Taylor’s, Social Distortion, and Paris), I must add the women who weathered external scorn – and surely their own internal monologues – about ditching on their womanly duties to work for a woman’s right to vote.

Click over to Sociological Images to read more of the original Los Angeles Times article.

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