New Body Image Blog: Weightless

We CrossFitters spend a lot of time and energy addressing issues of body image. Erika wrote about the terrifying phantom fat roll and her delight at recognizing that her arm is unrecognizable as her armErin expressed her joy at being back at CrossFit because it’s a key part of her identity.

In her Empowered story, Catherine Hart said, “Since joining CrossFit Central, I haven’t changed who I am so much as I have become who I really am – feeling more me than ever before.

And last week, I totally came clean on my weight, body fat percentage, and what knowing those numbers did to my noggin. (Not to mention the whole Mission 17 adventure.)

Clearly, our perceptions of ourselves are shaped quite a bit by our training and nutrition habits.

We’re the fortunate ones.

Because even though we still struggle with body image issues from time to time, we’re actively working to evolve our identities to make our internal picture of ourselves match our physical (awesome, strong, beautiful, unstoppable) bodies.

But there are plenty of monsters out there trying to stop us (I’m looking at you, Ralph Lauren.) – and trying to make women, young and old, question their value and attractiveness.

That’s why I’m pretty excited about this new blog called Weightless.

Published by PsychCentral and written by Margarita Tartakovsky, MS, Weightless is a blog about “body image, the skinny fad and freedom from numbers.”

Yeeha, and Hell, yeah!

From Weightless:

Weightless is about well-being, not weight; about fostering body image, regardless of your size. It’s about exposing women’s magazines, other mediums and so-called experts, when they’re touting unhealthy tips and promoting restrictive standards.

The goal of Weightless is to help women develop a better body image and work toward accepting themselves as they are, while being healthy and happy (fad diets and skinny-mini standards prohibited!); and to become sharp consumers, who can pick apart a commercial or magazine article and know which advice is helpful or harmful.

Features on the blog will keep an eye on what women’s magazines are doing to our self-image, hold the broadcast media up to scrutiny,track the latest research, and provide body image boosters.

I liked this post called “7 Signs Your Body Image Is Bruised (and 5 Solutions)” – and so far, every post has been worth the read.

Don’tcha think you should add Weightless to your RSS feed? I do.

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  • Barbara says:

    Oh boy oh boy, I feel like this post is directed at me. Personally, I am having THE toughest time with my self image right now…the mirror has become an unfriendly source evil!

    I jest, but I'll be all over that new blog.

    I really did need to see this post on this low day:) Thank you for your comments!

  • Erin Clare says:

    Great find, Mel! Love that post. Margarita should've been with me in my apartment those 5 weeks I was out of CrossFit. God, the field day she would have had.

  • Allison says:

    Excellent philosophy! Thank you for sharing this blog. 🙂