Humid Helen… Skinnier Band!

The last time I did Helen (July 20, 2009) was both a testament to my stubbornness and a test of my faith. I’d upgraded my kettlebell weight and downgraded the thickness of the band I used to help with pullups. I didn’t quit on the workout, but my time was north of the 20-minute cutoff, and Carla had to encourage me through my last pullups. I was still doing them when the rest of the class was stretching and getting ready to pack it in for the day.

This morning was much, much better!

My first 400m run was clocked at 1:50, which I’m pretty sure is a PR for me.

The kettlebell swings at 16kg felt “just right,” which makes me think it will be time to start throwin’ around the 20kg soon.

And I used the new, red 1-inch band this morning for the pullups. They weren’t pretty, and at the end, I could only do them one at a time, but… my total time was 17:13. Way, WAY better than in July.

I’ll take that.

And someday, maybe maybe maybe, I’ll get a sub-10:00 Helen.

CONGRATULATIONS to the fabulous Stacey Doyle who also graduated to a skinnier band this morning and kipped her way through all 36 pullups. Well-played, Doyle!

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