Feelin’ Randy

I’m a sucker for British television mysteries like Midsomer Murders and British mystery novels by Elizabeth George and Minette Walters (but not Agatha Christie). The secrets are darker, the countryside is greener, and the language is peppered with phrases like “Bloody Hell!” and “Inn’t it?” Plus naughty people are occasionally described as randy (having a coarse manner; lustful, lecherous).

So the jokes practically wrote themselves on Tuesday morning when I saw the whiteboard at CrossFit Central:

For time:
75 power snatches

[Go ahead. Make some snatch jokes. Throw around a few “feeling randy” statements… I’ll wait.]

In case you’re not familiar with the snatch:

All kidding aside, the Randy workout is named in honor of Randy Simmons who was a 27-year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member. He was 51-years old when he was killed February 6, 2009 in the line of duty; he’s survived by his wife and two children.

I’ve only done snatches with a barbell once before: at the CrossFit Women’s Challenge with a 45-lb bar. But my PVC pipe snatches are good because I’ve worked on them a lot at Bootcamp, so I was pumped to finally tackle a workout with a loaded snatch. (Good heavens to Betsy Ross, every sentence in this post sounds dirty.)

I thought about trying 55-lbs. but 75 reps sounded like a lot. I cupcaked a little and decided on 50 lbs. That weight was pretty challenging, but now that the sweat has dried, I wish I’d pushed myself to try 55.

My time: 12:15
(I came in second place… dang it! I was really striving to finish first. But I lifted the heaviest bar in class, so I’m giving myself an extra pat on the back.)

Then we did 2X 10 sprawls + sprint… Some magical combination of food and rest made me especially fleet-footed, and I felt like I floated through those two sets. It was fun!

Next time, I’m trying this: Burpee Power Snatch

Oh! Almost forgot… I also had to do five punishment burpees this morning because – even though I’ve been keeping a training diary for almost two years and even though I document most of my workout here – I forgot (again!) to take my journal to class. Crystal does spot-checks every once in a while, and I was again without my diary. BAD MEL!

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  • Barbara says:

    Um…you know I'm giggling while ready this post…right? Randy Snatches…is there any other kind?

    All kidding aside, I do like that crossfit names some of their toughest workouts after fallen heros. Make you really think..

    Did you see what our class had written down? "Kelly", I was sick but I'll have to try that one someday because it looks BRUTAL!

  • girlblake says:

    My shoulders are certainly feelin' randy this morning! And Mel, your time was 12:something, not 15. You were three minutes faster than you thought! Gooooo Mel!

  • Aaron says:

    Who isn't randy for snatches?

    Seriously, nice work today Mel. That WOD looks fun!

  • georgia says:

    Um, I'm still going to count that as a first place finish since you lifted more 🙂

  • Melicious says:

    Georgia, I like the way you think!

    Aaron, I'm adding this to my favorites list. It was REALLY fun. And hard. And fun. And hard.

    Barbara, maybe we can do Kelly together sometime!

    Blake, Thanks for correcting my time. Clearly, I was CrossFit drunk when I wrote it down.