First O’ The Month Assessment = Angie

The last time I did Angie (April 1,. 2009), I finished in 26:11. This morning, I’m not sure what my time was (because when official time ended, I was still going [and going and going and going]), but I think it was around 27:00 or 28:00.


In case you need a reminder… meet Angie.

For time, consecutive execution of:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Today we had a new wrinkle: a 10-minute cut-off for the pullups. I got to 70 with the blue band (1.5 inches wide?) when Crystal shouted, “Time!” and I had to move on to pushups.

Because my overall time sucked, I’m going to brag about my pushups.

They were really good. REALLY good. On my toes. Chest to the deck every time. After 50, I had to do them in sets of 3, but I didn’t quit and left plenty of sweat droplets on the floor under me to prove it.

The 21-minute limit for Angie ticked out when I was on situp number 40 or so. I moved my mat outside and kept going. Finished the situps, finished the squats, then went back to the pullup bar – with the wide black band – and finished the remaining 30 pullups I owed the universe.

Overall, a generally ugly performance.

But those pushups were sweet.

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  • Mrs. Julie says:

    Nice work on the push-ups! Don't be too hard on yourself… I get that way too… just try and stay focused and pumped up for the next time (again, easier said than done).

  • georgia says:

    I love, love, LOVE that you gutted out the remainder of Angie instead of just saying "oh well, timed out". That alone makes it a BEAUTIFUL performance. And, big props for chest to deck on all the push ups…gotta stick to standards to have measurable results! 🙂

  • Melicious says:

    Thanks, Georgia! I never leave workouts undone, even if I technically run out of time. I did a half Ironman triathlon in California, and they listed me as a DNF, but I finished the damn thing. 9 1/2 hours… the water stops were closed, the band was gone, the finish line party was over… but I finished.

    I'm kinda stubborn 😉

  • erikajeanne says:

    Angie is one of those that deserves to be finished, and I'm glad you pushed through! Feels a lot better, doesn't it! I'm really proud of you for using that skinny band! You will get it one day, we all will! And then we will be as cool as Georgia and her 19 MINUTE ROCKSTAR FINISH TIME!!!!!

  • Barbara says:

    Okie dokie…I just read your post and got my ass out of the chair and finished 50 squats.


  • Melicious says:

    Ha! Nicely done, Barbara! Good for you.

    I gotta tell ya, I was not happy doing those last 30 pullups. The class AFTER ours was starting their workout (pullups, of course), and I was still struggling through mine.

    Goodbye, ego.

  • Barbara says:


    Bottom DID IT! and as I recall you also kicked FGB's ass. I'd welcome that ego back in the door.

  • lisabender says:

    Angie is one of the "mean girls" in my book! Congrats on Saturday's performance and Angie better watch out in January 🙂