FGB Badass: Amber Daniels

Fight Gone Bad: 1 Day | 1 Workout | 1 Purpose… and thousands of athletes of various fitness levels all across the country, fighting their way through wall ball, push press, rowing, sumo deadlift high pull, and box jumps, one minute at a time.

Pretty neat, right?

I’m fortunate to know a bunch of badasses that are participating this year, and I’d like to introduce you to some of them… meet Amber.

Amber Daniels
Dayjob: Computer geek

Tell us about your fitness/athletic background.
My favorite athletic activity is dance, specifically belly dance. My background is in dance (ballet, lyrical, some jazz), soccer, and a smattering of lots of other sports tossed in that I tried throughout grade and high school. I was also a cheerleader! I never did a sport that required long runs.

[In the dance studio. photo by ethan bickford]

Why are you participating in Fight Gone Bad?
I have a lot of reasons. It’s a challenge, it’s a great cause, my father is a Vietnam vet, and I know there are things he doesn’t talk about, and he’s in one piece. I have friends overseas right now, and who have been overseas, who are still risking their lives, and they’re coming back in one piece, and I’m so grateful. I know that isn’t always the case, and I want to show my thanks. And cancer… well, any kind of cancer is just awful. And cancer in general seems to be taking away more and more amazing people I know every day.

Do you have a goal for your Fight Gone Bad performance?
I definitely want to try to jump all my box jumps. I originally was going to do the women’s modified this year, but we had a run-through and I made 163 Rx’d, so the heck with it being next year’s goal – I’m on for the elite women’s this year, just three months into Crossfit =)

What’s the one song they could play during Fight Gone Bad that would get you totally fired up?
“Extreme Ways” by Moby, from the Bourne Identity movies. That movie reminded me so much of being mobile and self- sufficient… and it’s badass. [Ed. note: I love that song, too! I like to pretend I’m a spy!]

What’s your favorite part of the FGB workout? Least favorite?
I <3 weightlifting, and I squat like a fiend, so I can rebound wall balls pretty quick. I don’t love those push presses so much.

[She claims to not like them, but that’s a good lookin’ push press.]

Got a FGB strategy?
Three-round workouts are my favorite. One round to feel it out, one round to pace it, one round to go like the hounds of hell are after you… fall over.

What will you eat for breakfast before FGB – and more importantly, what will you eat AFTER?
My usual pre-workout breakfast is 2-3 eggs with a little over a cup of spinach and tomato. I may add some sweet potato to that for carbs. Cooked in coconut oil, of course.

Post? Perhaps my absolute favorite coconut chicken with a *gasp* margarita. Mama deserves a drink.

If you could do FGB alongside someone – living or dead, fictional or real – who would it be?
This is easy as pie. My dad. I’ll admit, it’s my usual answer. He’s a retired Marine Drill Sergeant who went to Vietnam, and I’ve been trying to get him into Crossfit since I’d heard of it. It’ll work eventually.

[Amber and her dad]

My little/big brother is second choice, mostly because he needs to get on the bus, too. He’s a fire dancer, and he’d love it.

How will you celebrate after Fight Gone Bad?
FOOOOD. A good shower would help, too.

How will you get psyched up for FGB?
I have a special mix on my ipod that I like to listen to to get ready to go, also I’ll most likely watch some videos of impressive people doing the workout for some inspiration!

Are you wearing a special outfit or bringing a good luck charm?
Hmmm, not sure… unless you count my guy B as a good luck charm! And stripey socks, of course.

Do you have any advice/tricks for people who are thinking about tackling a new activity or competition and need a kick-in-the-pants to start?
Don’t think, do. My biggest enemy is my doubt, I out think myself constantly. Just jump. I learned in Crossfit that if you just jump, there are people to catch you when you fall and cheer you on when you try again.

Got a favorite quote?

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson

Workout, schmerkout. What do you like to do that doesn’t require a) punching a time clock and b) counting reps?
I’m a belly dancer, a knitter, and a theater geek. I read like it’s going out of style, love to cook, and I sing too!

Have you sponsored an athlete yet? Click here to make a donation to Amber’s FGB Fund.

Be sure to visit Amber’s blog, Dancer, Lover, Fighter, Girl.

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