That’s Fit: Group Exercise Could Make You Happier

That’s Fit is a fitness and nutrition blog in the AOL network – and one of my blog posts is live today.

Group Exercise Could Make You Happier

Prior to CrossFit, I always always worked out alone; I liked spending that time lost inside my noggin. But CrossFit has shown me the light! It’s the ideal balance of community and solo effort – plus the occasional team workout that reminds it’s sometimes really nice to share the burden.

What do you think? Solo? Group? Team? A mix? What’s your ideal?

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  • MelissaG says:

    Went on my first official CrossFit adventure today. Without four total strangers cheering me on I would have quit. Who knew 4 minutes could so absolutely horrible yet incredibly awesome.

    That said, for me it depends on what I'm doing and my mood.

  • Norah says:

    I am a self motivated person and enjoy working out by myself listening to my music and cranking.. I luv being in "my zone" and having some time to myself.. HOWEVER.. I also luv working out with the Crossfit group and challenging myself and pushing the envelope.. I seem to challenge myself more and still get to be in my "ZONE"!!

  • Barbara says:

    Ir depends….I love doing my weight workouts alone and getting in the Zone, like Norah spoke of. However, having made so many wonderful friends at my gym through different grop classes helps with motivation too.

    I've been at CFC about 5 weeks now and REALLY love the group setting which always brings out my competitive nature.

  • Mer says:

    I like a blend of group exercise/solo exercise.

    Derby = super group exercise because you HAVE to be able to communicate with people. Speed skate = solo performance in a group setting so you can focus on yourself, but still get encouragement/social interaction with others. When I run/lift weights, a couple times a week, I just turn on my iPod or watch TV and let my mind wander, but I'm preferring that less and less (it gets boring!).

    I also like the fact that I get feedback in a group setting. My derby leaguemates are always offering helpful hints or alternate descriptions of drills. It's very helpful!

    Great article, Mel!