These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Tall Socks

Even though I have some of the shortest legs on the planet, (OK, wait. I know that’s an exaggeration. But my gams really are quite short. My inseam is 29″ … and since that’s currently my waist measurement, too, does that make me a cube?!)

Anyway… let’s try it again.


Even though I have some of the shortest legs on the planet, I love love love tall socks.

I think it’s a hangover from my Roller Derby days when my uniform consisted of a very short skirt, fishnet stockings, and knee socks.

[That’s me just after I body checked my arch nemesis Sparkle Plenty,
sending her careening into the audience. One of my favorite Derby moments EVER.

We Rollergirls theorized that it wasn’t the short skirts or fishnets that made us look especially naughty; it was the knee socks. Even with opaque tights under them (for appearances at school functions and other “normal people” skating demonstrations), the tall socks looked scandalous.

My skates are retired, but my affection for looking slightly trampy, but very playful remains.

And some of my favorite people wear tall socks. See?

That’s Crystal McReynolds showing off her fine-looking stems (and Jen Cardella, also of the fine stems but no tall socks).
Melissa Byers, a.k.a., the Moxy-Boss, in an envy-producing squat.
And Team Relentless: that’s Carla on the left and Jennifer on the right.

Lots of people asked Team Relentless where we got our BAD ASS socks, and since I love you people, I’m going to share my secret sock supplier:

Go there. Now. Stripes and florals and fishnets and ruffles are all there for the taking. And at, like, 10 bucks a pair, you really can’t buy a better mood booster.

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