Veggies and Sleep and Training, Oh My: 9/10/09 Report

My report from September 10, 2009, faithfully submitted for your review…

Hrs of sleep:
7.5 (9:30-ish to 5:00)

1/2 c sweet potato
1.5 c snap peas (raw)
1 carrot
1/2 red pepper
1/2 cucumber
1.5 c broccoli
1/3 c eggplant
3/4 c mushrooms
1 c green beans
2 c lettuce

1 banana
1/2 apple
1/2 c strawberries

CrossFit Women: “JT”
21-15-9, for time:

  • Handstand pushups
  • Ring dips
  • Pushups

My time: 15:40


  • 1/4 mile warmup
  • 8 X :30 on/:20 off
  • 1/4 mile walk
  • 1/4 mile run
  • 1/4 mile walk

The skinny
I ate dinner at 7:45 p.m., so being ready to sleep at 9:00 was tough. I dutifully got into bed, turned out the light, and turned on “Murder She Wrote.” I know! I know! TV before bed is bad. But Angela Lansbury relaxes me, and I like the them song.

The CrossFit Women workout was vicious. Handstand pushups? Not my strong suit. But I did a pretty good job, I think, with feet on the box and touching my head to the ground on each one. I felt like my face was going to pop off my skull. Pretty!

I’m starting to really like the ring dips with the band because they’re HARD, and I can feel my triceps working. Pushups? Chest to ground. Wicked challenging. Three at a time ’til they were done.

As always, the sprinting made my brain do this: “Dying. Dying. Dying. Stop! Stop! Stop! Time! Rest…. GooooOOOOOOO!”

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  • Mer says:

    Wow…since we started this thing I think I've actually started getting less sleep. Lame…. I'll work on it for next week, though – starting tonight! 😀

    Last night: 6 hours of sleep

    Veggies: baby carrots, cucumber, broccoli, celery

    Relied on Paleokit yesterday because of back-to-back skate practices.

  • MelissaG says:

    3 hours

    turnip greens



    Mel – I get the Angela Lansbury relaxing thing. My grandmother used to watch her every night. For some reason just hearing it makes me happy.