CrossFit Women’s Challenge – THIS Saturday!

CrossFit Central posted a video to preview the workouts for the CrossFit Women’s Challenge coming up just 5 days from now.


Team Relentless
is gearin’ up for a whole lotta fun on Saturday. We have coordinated outfits, we’ve been doing extra workouts, and we definitely love each other more than any other team out there possibly could. Killer instincts? Probably not. Big hearts and an unquenchable desire to have fun while expelling ridiculous amounts of sweat? We’ve got that in spades.

What’s in store for us…

Two workouts: a 2-mile trail run at an as-yet undisclosed location, and a team workout at the CrossFit Central gym. We’ll know all the details on Friday, but Carey did let slip in the video that during the run there will be three occasions when our team must meet up to complete a “number of reps of an exercise”… and she hinted that the gym workout will include barbells and clean/snatch.

I’m officially excited.

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