Pinups and Pens

This has nothing whatsoever to do with CrossFit or eating right. But this so delighted me, I had to share. And since I’m sipping cocktails and tossing chips on the green felt for the next few days, it seemed appropriate.

I’ll be back next week with more fitness adventure tales, but for now… getta load of this…

Here is a collection of photos from a LIFE magazine shoot in which cartoon artists drew on pretty young thangs sporting white bathing suits. Um… bad. ass.

This link will take you to 72 fantabulous photos of a similar ilk. They make me want to find vintage white bathing suits, organize our CrossFit beauties (boys included), and find some tattoo and cartoon artists to go to town.

Here’s a blog post about it from The Beat, a blog about comics culture, that gets bonus points for using the word “scamp.”

Today’s Gratitude List

October was a rough month, personally and professionally. I saw my recipes reprinted without my permission or attribution on other web sites... I wasn't eating...

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Learning To Sail

ā€œIā€™m not afraid of storms, for Iā€™m learning how to sail my ship."ā€“ Louisa May AlcottAlcott is best  known for her semi-autobiographical novel Little Women....

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