Two-Fer Tuesday

Days ’til Vegas: TWO
Workouts today: TWO

5:45 a.m.
#1: CrossFit Women Indoor @ CrossFit Central
3 rounds, for time:

  • 24 back squat, 1/2 body weight (70#)
  • 12 ring dips
  • 6 in-and-outs

My time: 11:55

This thing looked like a miserable monster on the whiteboard, but I actually loved it. I’ve amped up my calorie intake a little bit over the last week, and I can feel it in my workouts. Plenty of gas in the tank.

Crystal showed us how to use a band with the ring dips, so for the first time ever, I actually used my arms on the damn things. My triceps were burning in the most wonderful way, and I got the full range of motion: down, down, down and then preeeeeeeeeeeeessssss to full extension. It felt wicked good.

My in-and-outs were a triumph. A triumph, people!

When I first started CrossFit, I couldn’t do them at all. Then I got the front swing part but my feet almost always got stuck in the middle on the back swing. This morning… zip, zip, zip. Smooth. Nice! And the Moxy-Boss inspired me with a variation that I can’t wait to try next time: Start in pushup position, do a pushup, swing legs to the front, do a dip, swing legs to the back, repeat. How freakin’ fun is that?!

6:30 a.m.
banana, Sunbutter, happy mouth

7:00 a.m.
#2: CrossFit Endurance
3 rounds, between each interval, rest the exact time it takes to run the interval:

  • 100m (rest)
  • 200m (rest)
  • 400m (rest)

Dave and I had planned to go the Austin High School track, but Zombie Kitty needed cat food prepared (a disgusting experience that involves canned food that smells like liver, canola oil, and a food processor… don’t ask), then the car needed gas, and I had to be at work at 9:00 sharp – clean, pressed, and looking like a quasi-grownup for a meeting with a major corporate overlord. So Dave and I nixed the running track for the park that’s closer to our house. It’s a sweet little space: playground (where I can practice my chinups), baseball field, wide expanse of grass, all surrounded by a gravel path. The path is a little bit more than a 1/4-mile around, so we did our best to eyeball the distances and hit it.

We started with a 1-lap warm-up and made it through two full rounds and both of the shorter intervals of the third round. Our last 400m lap was a cool-down jog.

My times:
Round 1: 100m (:20) – 200m (:40) – 400m (2:12)
Round 2: 100m (:20) – 200m (:40) – 400m (2:12)
Round 3: 100m (:22) – 200m (:50) – 400m (NA)

I was super excited about matching my times on the first two rounds, but by the third round you can see my legs were running out of steam a little bit. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying the sprints we added into our training. It’s hard… like, really, really hard. But it’s over fast, and I can feel how this will eventually make me faster.

Plus – and this is the secret no one ever talks about – running fast is fun!

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