I’m a Guest Blogger on PopCandy!

Y’all know I’m a PopCandy junkie. It’s fun, it’s sometimes snarky (but in a sweet way), and it’s 100% paleo-approved.

The too-fabulous-for-words Whitney Matheson is on vacation this week and invited her readers to fill in while she’s away. If you’d been here a week ago, you might have heard me whoop I learned I was going to be one of her guest bloggers.

And now my post is on her site. Yeeha and f*ck, yeah! Check it…

How to become a roller-derby expert
(without getting on the track)
Some Things I’m Loving Right Now

As of today, there are just 50 days until Dave, Smudge, and I get on the plane to Prague! For now, I'm literally touching every...

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Fave Things: Hilah’s Texas Kitchen

I've gushed to you about my ridiculously awesome pal Hilah Johnson before — when she and I cooked up some vampire fighting pork stew for...

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  • Amber says:

    You are full of awesome. Congrats!

    We've got a huge flat track scene up here, and a few derby girls at our box. It's so much fun!

  • Melicious says:

    Right now, I'm full of baba ghanoush and almonds 😉

    Thanks for chiming in. I love hearing I'm awesome.

  • Amber says:

    mmm, almonds. Right now I'm full of scrambled eggs and almond flour dairy free drop biscuits. Heaven.