Sandwiches That You Will Like

One of my favorite documentaries has that title. It’s a mouthwatering tour of the best regional sandwiches across the United States, and I watched it in short installments, only after I’d just eaten, to ensure that it didn’t rev my appetite and send me into a sandwich frenzy. After watching the show, I bought the companion book, and whenever we travel, we check the book to see if a sandwich should be a side trip. We’ve used it to track down some of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve ever eaten… The perfect crunchy falafel in New York City. A fall-off-the-bone BBQ pork sandwich in Houston. A lamb French dip in Los Angeles that changed the way I think about bleu cheese and mustard. Italian beef in Chicago. A Vietnamese on fresh French bread in the East Village that’s ruined me for eating them anywhere else. The ultimate peanut butter and banana.

It’s been more than a year since I ate a sandwich. And I’m holding out until I find myself in contact with one of the above. I’m not falling off the dino-chow wagon for anything but the best.

In the interim, here’s a fun site that makes sandwich art. Not so edible, but fun food for thought. Dig in! Insane Sandwich Fun

“This is the Witness Protected Sandwich: a.k.a., the Ratwich, this fink sandwich flipped on Don Panini, who’s now doing 25 to life in the cooler. If the Ratwich’s true toppings were ever revealed, it’d be toast!”

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