Fight Gone Bad… It’s SO Good

I jokingly refer to last year’s Fight Gone Bad as my “single greatest athletic achievement.”

It’s the only time I ever entered an athletic competition and placed. I won the intermediate division! It was a big day. BIG. DAY.

And it was wicked fun because I didn’t have any expectations about how I was going to do before I started. I’d never done Fight Gone Bad before that day. The goal I published right here in this blog was to “do as many reps as I can without quitting or barfing.” The morning of FGB, I tied my hair in two ponytails, put on some pink, and stepped up to my station to start throwing weights around with a smile on my face.

Soon, I was making faces like this:
I scored 320, which I found out afterward was pretty good!

This year, I’ll be wearing my big girl pants ’cause I’ve committed to the Elite division, and I’m taking on Fight Gone Bad the way it’s written:

Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds, 1 minute per station:

  • rowing
  • wall ball, 14-lb. ball
  • sumo deadlift high pull, 55 lbs.
  • box jumps (all jumping, baby!)
  • push press, 55 lbs.
  • rest

My goal is 300, but if I were you, I’m not sure I’d take the bet 😉 I’d have to have, like, the best day of my life to hit 300. But I’m gonna try. And I’m gonna do it in ponytails and a smile.

Please support me in Fight Gone Bad with a donation. Any size will do! It’s just nice to know I’ve got support when the lifting gets hard – and it’s a fundraiser for two truly excellent causes:

Click here to go to my donation page. Thanks in advance!

This is my recap of last year’s Fight Gone Bad, and this other post includes an awesome video, along with the reasons why Fight Gone Bad is one of my favorite CrossFit events.

Are you participating in Fight Gone Bad this year? I want to talk to you for a future post. Please email me at [mjoulwan @ gmail dot com] or post to the comments.

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  • georgia says:

    Avid reader, first time poster. I'll be participating in FGB this year and I can't wait!

  • Melicious says:

    Georgia, I want to do profiles of participating Fighters… shoot me an email if you want to be in the spotlight!

  • Aaron says:

    320 least year?!! That's awesome Mel! I think you can break 300 at elite level this time, you just gotta decide to! It's all mental right?

  • Melicious says:

    *MOSTLY* mental.

    We did tabata push press yesterday with a 45-lb. bar, and I was thinking about FGB the whole time. Last year, on the first 1:00 with a 35-lb. bar, I did 44 push presses. HA! I'm pretty sure I can't do that yet with a 55-lb. bar. But yeah, I'm gonna try my best.

    Will you be one of my FBG profiles? Shoot me an email!