Carry a Rock!

I’m loving this post over at Mark’s Daily Apple about “unconventional ways to go Primal.”

His ideas?

  1. Carry a big rock
  2. Go barefoot
  3. Catch a bug

I can pretty much promise you right here, right now, that I won’t be eating bugs anytime soon. But I’m intrigued by the idea of embracing my inner hippy and going barefoot for a day. I usually wear big black boots or my comfy Chucks, but barefoot sounds tempting. I love the idea of getting dirty soles!
And that carrying a rock thing? I’m on that like Sunbutter on a Pink Lady apple slice (maybe it’s time for a snack.)

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  • Team CS says:

    So, I have a story about going barefoot for you.

    Two weekends ago I attended a wedding with Sean. After the reception, he wanted to stop by Union Park to say hi to some friends. Thus, we went – along with me complaining about how much my feet hurt in the wedges I'd been wearing all night.

    It wasn't a surprise that we didn't stay long, as it had been such a long day already. During the walk from 6th to 9th street, I stopped for a second and said…"screw it." I looked around (as if I were doing something wrong) and took off my shoes. My feet thanked me as I basked in the glory of feeling so free and spontaneous.

    It was an adventure all its own: dodging rocks and glass, adjusting to the sensations of different pavements and textures. I think Sean wanted to join in on the fun, so he flung off his shoes and we continued on our way – giggling, stumbling, and cringing whenever we stepped on rocks. By the time we reached the car, our feet were burning and tingling.

    A mini adventure in 10 minutes, underneath a moonlit sky. 🙂


  • Melicious says:

    Love it, Carla! I did the same after a wedding in New York City a few years ago. Dave was kinda bummed I was walking on Manhattan sidewalks barefoot, but I was, like, "Whatever… humans are resilient and my skin is thick!"