First O’ The Month Assessment = CrossFit Total

So… how did it go this morning? I find that I’m so grumpy I can express myself only in lists.

1. My previous PR on shoulder press was 75. Today the 75 felt like it floated up, but when I attempted 80… nada. zip. zilch. nil. zero. It just got stuck at the bottom and wouldn’t budge. (The push press with it was fun, though.)

2. I partnered with Bonita and our barbell rack was set up right next to Erin and Carla. Yay! Except when I bent down to retrieve a 25-lb plate, I stood up directly into the adjacent bar on the rack. Like this: KERRANG! Now I have a tender knot on the top of my noggin.

3. My previous PR on back squat was 145, and today I lifted 150 on my final lift. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t get low enough. (Because I will be my own worst critic today. I will.)

4. When we were putting away our toys, I smashed my left thumb between two 25-lb. plates.

5. When I was getting my water bottle from the bedroom, I bashed my right elbow into the corner of the TV stand.

6. My breakfast strawberries were mushy and too tart.

7. I got snot and tears all over Dave’s t-shirt when he asked me, as he does every morning, “How’s my sweetie?”

The end.

[I should mention it wasn’t all bad… today at class, I met Amy who is perfectly lovely; she’s on day 3 of her paleo-party. (Yay, Amy!)]

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  • Barbara says:

    Good to see you too. I am in PMS/lower backpain HELL so hey, I understand a grumpfest. Never forget that even with a grumpy day, you still made it to CF and kicked your own ass.

    Fantastic work and YES, I want to do the woman's challenge and long as I get my form correct!!!!

  • MelissaG says:

    Hey Mel,

    Did you quit? NO. Did you cheat? NO. You took the hard road, now enjoy it. 🙂 Somedays hitting it hard IS the accomplishment.

    Go have an awesome day!

  • Melicious says:

    Mel G in the house… woot! Thank you for the reminder!

    Barbara, I agree with what you said in your blog post: slightly lighter weight, slower movement, 'til you the technique. once you've got that, you'll be flying through with heavier weight. Congrats on getting through your first EVER FGB.

  • Amber says:

    You got through it, and that's what matters. We just got a lecture about accountability in my group. It's tough to know how hard to push yourself when you're going past what you ever expected to be able to do, but that shouldn't keep you from trying and (hopefully) moving forward. I've had those weeble wobble days. They suck, and I have the bruises to prove it!

  • Ames says:


    All this proves is that you are human. You have been doing amazing work & of course grumpalumpagus has to show his head when you are doing well. It's his job.
    Your job is to hold your head up and remember why you are doing this.

    So out your lipgloss on and keep rockin!

    (words from a girl who has an internal fight everytime her alarm goes off for crossfit or she walks by a doughnut)


    p.s. it was so nice to meet you too!

  • Melicious says:

    Amy! Maybe that was my problem this morning… I wasn't wearing my superpower eyeliner and mascara! Dang it!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Amber. Weeble wobble days! I love that.

    In case y'all are wondering, the lump on my noggin is getting smaller 😉

  • Aaron says:

    Hey rockstar – glad to hear the noggin bump is getting better. And mark that PR down – three months from now that'll be light weight! Way to hang tough Mel!

    And thanks for leaving such a nice comment when you're not having the best of days. Before you know it, it'll be tomorrow.. a brand new opportunity to excel!

  • Melicious says:

    I told Dave about clonking my noggin, and he said, "There are easier ways to get out of doing squats!" At least I didn't knock myself out, right?

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi! I'm Jen. I've followed you from Melissa's paleo challenge and just want to say you are funnier than anything and have amazing recipes!

    I'm sorry you had a crappysuckynogoodday the other day and I hope it's better now! I'm having one today…a result of the fates aligning with a 10K run Mon. morning, subbing a Spin class Mon night, not being allowed to do Lynne yesterday and instead doing a KB wod which was blackjacks with double unders (my bain, my nemesis, my weakness) and swings. My calves are in full bore all out righteously indignant mutiny and I can't blame them. And then I taught Spin again this morning. I am now officially hobbling. I look like my fat bassett hound going down the stairs. The reason I'm saying all this is because my friend sent me a quote that I'm passing on to you, just in case you're still not fully recovered from hell day: "Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes". But it's the getting up, not the falling down that defines us! And you got back up!

  • Melicious says:

    Love this: "crappysuckynogoodday"

    Thanks, Jen!

    Today is shaping up to be pretty crap-tastic, too, but I'm realizing it's mostly because I'm really super tired. I went to the gym, then breakfast, shower, dressed, etc… then flopped down on the bed "for a minute" and drifted off to sleep. That NEVER happens. This weekend is all about clean power food and naps.

    Oh! I would bet a million dollars that you do NOT look like a fat bassett hound. But I like the image 😉